Monday, January 18, 2010


Today we saw two  large parcels of lanka ventures (10 m.n. parcel & 29 m.n.parcel approximately) changing hands as two crossings. The sellers were DFCC bank & HNB Bank who were the main share holders of lanka ventures. The buyer was another company (ACUITY PARTNERS )which is also promoted by DFCC & HNB  where both companies  owned  50% each in the new company ACUITY PARTNERS.
However the existing share holders have the benefit of selling their present holding at Rs 18.00 which will be the mandatory offer price for the remaining share holders by the new company. See below the communique issued by the ACUITY PARTNERS. (source -

If you take past couple of months LVEN has under performed  to the ASI & Millanka substantially. Hence there will be a chance of price moving up above Rs 18.00 levels. Friends keep a closer eye on LVEN.

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