Friday, January 22, 2010


22/01/2010 - Colombo stock exchange was up to day with a turn over of Rs 1.6 b.n. ASI was up by 12.02 points to close at 3531.73 & the more Liquid Millanka index was up by 3.93 points to close at 4044.83. As usual turnover was supported by local investors.Foreign participation was at minimum levels,where foreign purchases were 124 m.n. & foreign sales  were Rs 586 m.n. recording a net foreign out flow of Rs 462 m.n.
There were 74 gainers as against 68 losers.
Today lankem group of companies purchased 56% stake in C.W.Mackie for Rs 712 m.n.@ Rs 35 / share. Denmark based Aarchus United A/S & Ceylon Trading Company were the sellers.This acquisition results in a Mandatory offer as per the take overs & mergers code. Lankem ceylon purchased 36.71% of Mackie & Kotagala plantation another Lankem group company bought 19.85% of Mackie.

C.W.Mackie group distributors Sunquick branded products & another famous product in Sri lanka - Jumbo peanut.

Investing firm CFVF was the top gainer to day where investors are confident of strong earnings by the company in future.

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