Sunday, February 14, 2010


Sri lanka stock picks has recommended following shares during the months of December 2009 & January 2010 for our investors / visitors.
Colombo stock market still offers us attractive returns in medium to long term. After the end of 30 year old civil war, the liberated areas (North & East) we believe is  behind two three decades to the rest of the country. Participation of these areas to the economy during the coming months, Increase tourist arrivals in future, Low interest rate regime,Calm atmosphere in the country,Political stability are the main factors to be considered when investing in the market.

Note - Due to the pending rights issue, trading price of Coco lanka came down sharply from our recommended levels. However we believe that this is mainly due to the market over reacting to the rights issue,since investors expect a subdivision for its shares from the company.Being an agricultural company we still believe that Coco will have a strong future ahead.
After our initial recommendation it peaked to Rs 57.50 as well.

  • All of  these companies had given many nice trading opportunities for our followers to make money.
  • SRI LANKA STOCK PICKS Congrats to all who were able to profit from our stock picks on these  counters.


Nipun said...

Is it a good price to buy COCO lanka,, IS there a clue of a sub division,,, then i think its a great opportunity


Hi Nipun,

yh, Coco is a good price to buy now.

Best thing is to purchase rights from the market for a lower price.You have to pay Rs 35/ per share.
Rhi is also comes under Renuka group.Rhl they gave a sub division after the rights issue.

Take immediate past rights issues, all of them gave a good return to investors.
Mara@Rs 5.00
Lion@ Rs 40.00
Csf@ Rs 12.00
Chl- n@ rs 57.00
Chl-x@ Rs 30.00
Mbsl @ Rs 12.00

See the trading prices of these shares presently.

Nipun said...

i ll b very much thankful if u can tell me how to purchase rights from the market @ 35?


You have to purchase rights from the market. These days its trading.Closing price was Rs 3.50 per right.Then you are required to pay Rs 35/ to get it converted to a share. Still it is worth. why? it will costs you only Rs 38.50 [Rs3.50+Rs 35.00]

Still the share is trading at Rs 40.00.
or sometimes it is worth to buy a share @Rs40 now. Bcaus people can push the share to increase the value of rights /just to attract investors.
Both ways expected.All depend on market behaviors.

But Coco share has a value visit this report

Nipun said...

THanks Stock Picks,, But purchase from the market means, i ve to go there n buy? Cant i do it using online trading flatform ??


yes you can.
or better to consult your broker/company.


If you can provide us your contact no. we ca asked any resource person to talk to you tomorrow.

you can email the no to us if you wish

Nipun said...

Thanks StockPick,, I contacted the adviser to know about this.
Thanks again for your concern