Friday, February 26, 2010


25/02/2010 - Colombo Share Market was up today by 6.74 points to close at 3782.25. Milanka price index was up by 15.29 points to close at 4347.27.

Turnover for the day was Rs 856 m.n. down from Rs 1.3 b.n. reported yesterday.

Foreigners were net buyers today after a couple of trading days. Foreign purchases were at Rs 134 m.n & sales were at Rs 77 m.n.,reflecting a net foreign inflow of Rs 57 m.n.

There were 67 positive gainers as against 65 losers.

Today the market was dominated by NDB, GREG (both share & warrants),Nawaloka hospitals & Maskeliya plantations, etc.

Today the activity levels in the market had fallen, due to month end debt clearing operations by the most of the brokering companies & tomorrow being a half day for Colombo Stock Exchange.

However we expect market to perform well during next couple of weeks on back of above average results released by the listed companies & pending dividend payments by the companies.

Colombo Stock Exchange is still up 11.7 percent so far this year, following a 125 percent rally in 2009, the best in Asia.


  • C.W.Mackie took a dip for the last couple of days from Rs 41.75 to Rs 38.00 levels. It touched Rs 43.00 mark during mid trading session as well 0n 19 th feb 2010.
  • It seems to have built a strong support level @ Rs 38.00 level & around it.
  • This kind of drop is a tremendous opportunity for any investors who did not have a chance to look at C.W.Mackie
  • Once the selling at these levels have dried up CWM will starts its upward journey.
  • Now it has only 10 % shares in the market. (90% purchased by high net worth individual & Lankem group companies.)  
  • Profit growth for the Financial year 2009 was 224.37%.

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