Sunday, February 14, 2010


SRI LANKA STOCK PICKS exclusive: Through this we have decided to convey the CSE Rumors for all of our visitors,which have many times found to be unknown to small investors or when they become  aware, prices of particular shares may have had increased substantially. Hence our simple effort is just to give you  / convey these rumors where most of top investors are well aware of. However please note that there is a high risk involved in share trading. We do not take responsibility for any lose or damage arising out of stated information in this post. You have to take your own decisions. (Tips - Do your own research, Do not follow others , Stick to fundamentals, Buy shares when other are selling & sell when others are buying.) 

 Our success is just like this - Total reported counters = 21
  • 14 counters have shown positive results.
  • One counter shows above 100 % return.
  • Another one counter shows above 50% return.
  • Another two counters reflect above 25 % return.
  • We have five counters that reflect above 10 % return.
  • What is great is we have only three counters that reflect a negative growth.
 Please note that the Colombo Stock Market was in a negative direction during the last  week & all most all the counters we mentioned through "CSE RUMORS" have shown significant price improvements after our reporting, [ see highest traded price] before comes down due to down ward trend in the market.


Nipun said...

I'm glad to see your progress but i am bit dissapointed when the email subscription doesnt work somrtimes. Nevertheless i visit the site daily

Anonymous said...

you guys doing really good job,keep it up


Hi, friends,

Thanks for your comments.

What we really want is to give a support what ever we can to develop/popularize our market in locally & internationally.