Friday, February 5, 2010


05/02/2010 - Colombo share market was up today on expectations of better quarterly earnings from the listed companies. This was clearly addressed by us yesterday. [see Report] Even by now we expect our market has the capacity to move up  based on "sentiments". How ever still we can select shares, purely based on fundamentals which are not moved up during the past as well.

ASI was up by 8.92 points to close at 3706.32 & the more liquid Millanka index was up 29.61 to close at 4269.18.
Turnover for the day was Rs 1.5 b.n.
Today we witnessed an improved foreign participation than the previous day. How ever there was a foreign out flow of Rs 140 m.n. today. Foreign purchases were at Rs 408 m.n & foreign sales were at Rs 548 m.n.

There were 63 positive contributors as against 84 negative contributors.

The Colombo Share Market has risen 3.2 percent since the election ended & has risen 9.5 percent so far this year, the best in Asia, after being one of the world's best-performing markets in 2009, jumping 125.2 percent.

     TOP FIVE GAINERS TODAY                                           TOP FIVE LOSERS TODAY

Today we saw massive price appreciations by GREG company & its Warrants. This was identified by us during the mid stage of its  journey [ Price which was started from Rs 40 levels during couple of weeks back] & posted a post to our page "CSE RUMOR" on 21st January 2010 when the share price was at Rs 116. [see Report]

However the  price of GREG share as at end of trading today is Rs 179, which is a growth of 54% over the price mentioned by us on CSE RUMOR page.
  • GREG had many nice trading opportunities for our followers to make money.
  • Congrats all who were able to profit from our RUMOR on GREG.

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