Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Given below are several benefits of investing your hard earned money in shares,which we believe wil be beneficial for our visitors, 

Capital Gains
Ø  This is when a share’s selling price exceeds its initial purchase price. If the selling price falls beyond the purchase price, you would make a capital loss. Capital gains are free of tax.

Ø  Invest in the market with a long term view to mitigate any Capital losses.

Ø  A company may decide to payout a portion of its earnings to shareholders.
Ø  High dividend paying companies in the market are CTC, NEST,LLUB, COMB (X)  HNB(X) etc.
Ø  The company may extend this privilege to existing share holders to buy shares at specified & usually discounted price. This is normally in proportion to the number of shares already owned.
Ø  Shares quoted on a stock market are generally liquid. There for, they can be sold easily & you can get your money back in a few days.
Ø  Invest in companies which have more liquidity.
Higher Returns
Ø  In the longer term, shares have ensured a higher return to investors.
Hedge against inflation
Ø  Shares are a good investment in an inflationary environment, since share prices increase to protect investors from the effects of the inflation.
Ø  You may also use your shares as collateral against loan facilities to banks. 
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