Wednesday, January 13, 2010


13/01/2010 - Sri lanka shares up to day with a massive turnover of Rs 2.2 b.n. ASI was up by 42.09 points & the Millanka index was up by 79.48 points to close 3536.71 points & 4085.37 points respectively. Local investors were chasing shares since they have no other options due to low interest regime  prevailing in the country.There were 88 positive contributors as against 60 negative counters.Foreigners were net buyers to day by Rs 78 m.n.


  There were two crossings each of 1.0 m.n. blocks of shares changing hands in DIST & HEMAS. apart
from these two KHL,OSEA,NTB,HNB, Crossings were noticed.  It is better to have a closer look at HNB,DIST,OSEA,NTB,HEMAS    shares in future since these shares have further room to go up.   

 TOP GAINERS FOR THE DAY                                           TOP LOSERS FOR THE DAY

To day we saw massive price increases in Environmental Resources Investment company shares & warrants as a result of the recent rights + warrants  issue. Further another ERI related company CLPL saw its share price increase by well over 50% purely on speculative basis.                                                                      

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