Monday, January 25, 2010


25/01/2010- Colombo Stock Exchange commenced a fresh week on positive note. ASI  was up by 22.72 points to close at 3554.45 & more liquid Millanka index was up by 22.07 points to close at 4066.90. The turnover for the day was Rs 1.5 b.n which was supported by local buying as usual. Foreigners were net sellers for the day where foreign purchases amounts Rs 157 m.n. & sales were at Rs 647 m.n.
There were 85 positive contributors as against 52 negative contributors.
The Colombo bourse has risen 4.99 percent so far this year after being one of the world's best-performing markets in 2009, jumping 125.2 percent on post-war optimism.

JKH PROFIT UP  - John keels holdings Sri lanka's largest conglomerate reported Rs 1.13 b.n profit for the Dec 09 quarter up by 49% . However for nine months period profit was Rs 2.36 b.n. a negative growth of 9% YOY.  EPS for the quarter was Rs 1.86 against Rs 1.20 reported year earlier. EPS for the period was Rs 3.86 as against Rs 4.10 in year 2008. NAVPS was up to Rs 76.51 as at 31/12/2009 up from Rs 69.72.

Third quarter profit up was supported by
  • Transportation Sector - PBT increased by 46%
  • Leisure Sector - PBT increased by 174%
  • Property Sector- PBT decreased by 22%
  • Consumer Food & Retail - decreased by 23%
  • Financial services Sector- increased by 159%
  • IT Sector - improved profits reported.
  • Other Areas  - improved profits reported.
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