Saturday, May 15, 2010

John Keells pioneers star class tourism on east coast with Chaaya Blu

Just a few months after the Government of Sri Lanka unveiled a massive tourism development project for the east, the John Keells Hotels Group has opened the first resort that confirms to 4-star standards on the East Coast, adding a new dimension to tourism in that part of the country.

Chaaya Blu Trincomalee is the first sizeable investment seen on the East Coast and will meet the demand for quality accommodation with the increasing inflow of tourists into that area. With the onset of peace, John Keells Hotels group has now taken a pioneering stance as stated by Executive Vice President Jayantissa Kehelpannala.

"We take pride in launching a resort of the calibre of Chaaya Blu, a first of its kind on the East Coast, within a mere year of gaining peace in Sri Lanka. It was a much rewarding challenge, given that we can now offer our guests the opportunity to discover and savour all that is truly unique to the East Coast while staying amidst star class comforts."

The project, one of the first investment decisions taken by John Keells upon the dawn of peace in May last year, was put into play almost soon after, as the industry itself had previously been restrained in investing in East Coast tourism. "With Chaaya Blu Trincomalee we continue to be tourism trendsetters," says Deputy Chairman of John Keells Holdings Ajit Gunewardene.

"It is not merely with pride but also with a sense of responsibility that we believe the success of this launch will create confidence towards attracting more tourism development on the East Coast." With over three decades experience in the tourism industry, JKH, an undisputed industry leader in the hospitality industry has added fillip to an area of the country which has for long not had much development given the constraints it faced.

"And with the dawn of peace and the realisation that there was a dearth of a resort conforming to international standards in Trincomalee, we made a decision to quickly cement our presence on the east coast."

Chaaya Blu, will, through its unique contemporary architecture, features and facilities, add a new dynamic to Sri Lankan resorts as a whole. Gunewardene opines: "This 70s property now revamped as a stylish retro-chic product will also set trends in modern resort interiors being outside the typical Sri Lankan resort design."

Having brought in the expertise of master architect Channa Daswatte to imbue the unique blues of the Trincomalee sea and the whites of the sand into the double arched architecture reminiscent of the ‘retro’ years, Chaaya Blu encapsulates the ring of the hip within a cool relaxing milieu. The truly unique architecture moves away from the traditional to an inspiration garnered from the James Bond movie flick "Die Another Day" to create eighty rooms including twenty chalets and two suites that truly compliment the Trincomalee landscape.

The combination of a series of bleached wooden decks encircling the periphery of the property, a timber boardwalk that protrudes across the reception onto the beach and into the sea and the mosaic walls with its strategically placed disco balls in the foyer and denim upholstered mid-century Scandinavian limed furniture accessorised by white dipped terra cotta tiles and clay lamps for a touch of the Caribbean reflect an almost forgotten energetic period which needs to be relived.

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