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Hemas Holdings: A Truly Sri Lankan Company

Hemas Holdings is one of Sri Lanka's top diversified conglomerates,
commenced operations in 1948 has business interests in to five key sectors in Sri Lanka.

                    * FMCG
                    * Health Care
                    * Transportation
                    * Leisure
                    * Power

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector.

Manufactures & Markets consumer goods in the ares of Personal Care,Home Care & Food Categories.

They have several well known products in the market under the above mentioned areas. "Baby cheramy " one of flagship products coming under Personal Care sector & reported to be the market leader in the country under this category.Clogard tooth paste, Kumarika hair oil, Velvet soap, Pro sport cologne,Capri,Gold, & Dandex etc are the other famous products coming under Personal care category.

"Diva " washing powder coming under Home Care category is one of most popular products among Sri Lankans.

Health Care 

Operates two hospitals under the name style of " Hemas Hospitals " in Wattala & Galle in addition to the pharmaceutical distribution business.

Hemas Hospital - Wattala a 100 bed hospital which is equipped with Sri Lanka's first patient friendly state of art open magnetic MRI scanner.

The 50 bed Hospital in Galle is equipped with two operating theaters & an incentive care unit.


This includes a portfolio of services in Aviation,Maritime, Freight Management,Travel & Courier service.

Airline representation business of the group is strengthen by the  Emirates, Malaysian Air Lines ,Maldivian Air Lines, & Rossiya Air Lines.

The hub status of the Colombo Port,the continuous business growth together with the improved volumes of the Colombo Harbor will be an added advantage to the future growth of the Hemas Maritime business.

Far shipping ltd act as the feeder agency for Hemas.

17.1% of the issued share capital of the Mercantile Shipping company PLC is owned by Hemas. They are the second biggest share holder of Mercantile Shipping Company.

Hellman World Wide Logistics has the controlling stake in Hemas freight & it provides a complete transportation and logistics service, which includes sea freight, air freight, multi-modal transportation, multi-country consolidation, custom house brokering, and warehousing & storage.


The leisure sector of the Group includes Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka  (DTSL) formerly the business of Hemtours & the Serendib Hotel Group which includes three listed hotels in Colombo Stock Exchange - Club Hotel Dolphin, Hotel Sigiriya, Serendib Hotel.

The leisure sector currently has the capacity of over 300 beds among their hotels.


This sector consists of  75% ownership of the Hemas Power which owns Heladanavi ltd. It consists of a 100 MW thermal Power Plant, 2 MW mini hydro project at Kandy & 2.6 M.W power plant in Nuwara Eliya.

 Why Hemas?
  • Hemas share has under performed to the ASI & the MPI since November 2009. End of November Hemas was trading at Rs 122.00 share & at that time ASI & MPI was at 2875 & 3273 respectively.
  •  Profits for the last financial year ended 31/03/2010 reflects an improvement of 30% YOY & the last quarter (JAN - MARCH 2010) profits shows us a growth of 112% over the same period in year 2009.
  • Net Asset Value of the share was Rs 75.44 as at 31/03/2010 & it was Rs 68.93 as at 31/02/2009.
  •  Hemas is yet to receive the full benefit of the end of 30 year old civil war in the country,since it has more exposure to the Sri Lankan market, we believe that this will be an added advantage to the Company in future.
  •  Strong Recovery was visible in the Health Care, Transportation & Leisure sectors in financial year 2009 ended 31/03/2010 & Power sector reflects a marginal drop in profits over the last year.
  • Recent announcement of the pending subdivision of its shares (One (01) existing ordinary share to be sub divided in to Five (05) ordinary shares) will increase the much needed liquidity of the company shares.
  •  We expect all the five sectors of the group to perform well in the future.

 source -,,annual report - hemas, photo credit - annual report hemas

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