Monday, May 31, 2010

Colombo hotels gear up for IIFA

Colombo City Tourist Hotels Association (CCTHA) president M. Shanthikumar says the city is well prepared for the Indian Film Awards (IIFA) to be held this week.

Hotels in Colombo would make available 650 room-nights per day, on a bed and breakfast basis and 148 suites on a full-board basis, which would amount to a total of 2,600 room-nights, for the period of the glitzy IIFA.

Due to the magnitude of this event, the hotels have also taken the additional step of releasing some of their staff members to assist the organizers in the varied arrangements, Shanthikumar said.

"There is no doubt this mega event will be a big boost to the Tourism Industry and the contribution of the 2,600 room-nights will not only benefit the City Hotels, but the tourism industry in general, creating an awareness and boosting the image of the country, by giving tremendous exposure," he said.

"India has become one of the largest tourist markets in recent times and this prestigious event, would definitely enhance future arrivals and with its vast potential, Sri Lanka would benefit immensely, even by a small increase.

"Furthermore, with the India Business Council having one to one meetings with various Sri Lankan companies, an increase in the corporate market too, could be expected.

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