Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maskeliya Plantation - St Clair's bags Grand Price Award for best Tea in Russia

St. Clair's won the Grand Prix award at the recently concluded PRODEXPO trade exhibition in Moscow.
Maskeliya tea gardens Director R.L. Kumararatne, Ivan Pelekhay and Niraj Kumar with the awards.
This is awarded on the basis of product quality and packaging.

St. Clair's Tea, a subsidiary of the Richard Pieris Group, is renowned, both locally and globally, for its superior freshness, taste, and aroma.

The estate is managed by Maskeliya Plantations Ltd. Maskeliya Plantations oversees over 20 estates located in the prime tea growing regions of Sri Lanka.

'The Richard Pieris Group also manages Kegalle Plantations and Namunukula Plantations which, together with Maskeliya Plantations, manufacture 22 million kilos of tea, or about 7 percent of the Sri Lanka's total tea production.
By having control of its own tea estates, St. Clair's Tea has a quality advantage over other exporters and can guarantee drinkers of its products a fresher, purer, more delicious brew. St. Clair's Tea is produced under the most stringent quality conditions, under the watchful eyes of some of the country's most experienced tea tasters.
The St. Clair's Tea range includes a delicious assortment of black teas, green teas, flavoured teas, and herbal teas, as well as a collection of unique gift items.
Catering to the discerning tea drinker, it's no wonder that St. Clair's tea has captured the imagination of the connoisseurs at the PRODEXPO food and beverage exposition, the largest of its kind in Russia and Eastern Europe.

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