Monday, April 19, 2010

Colombo Dockyard delivers the largest Offshore Support Vessel (Great ship Rekha) to Singapore

19/04/2010 (S.L.S.Picks) - Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) delivered the first of a series of four 78 m Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessels (MPSV) for Greatship Global Offshore Services Pvt Limited of Singapore, recently. This being a 78 m long Vessel is incidentally the largest Vessel built by CDPLC for the Offshore Sector, surpassing the previously built 64 m Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels.
Over the past few years, Colombo Dockyard has accumulated a wealth of experience in building Vessels for the offshore sector requirement and is now well experienced and geared to meet any kind of requirement that may arise in the offshore oil exploration activities being carried out in the Sri Lankan waters and offer its expertise.

The delivered Vessel was designed by Seatech Solutions International (S) Pte Ltd of Singapore in collaborative consultation with the Owner and the Builder Colombo Dockyard. The role of the Vessel is to support offshore oil and gas fields on a twenty-four (24) hour per day basis and has an endurance of about 35 days and a cruising range of about 9200 nautical miles. The Vessel is capable of achieving a high speed of 13.8 knots enabling the Vessel to get to the desired location around the world as quickly as possible, minimizing downtime. The Vessel is built for operation in un-restricted waters and is capable of undertaking multi-purpose roles such as transportation of pipes, fresh water, diesel, methanol, bulk cement, stores, equipment, moving men, materials between platforms and shore, and also engage in external fire fighting, if the need arise.

Good maneuverability and station keeping is achieved by using twin controllable pitch propellers, twin rudders and transverse bow and stern thrusters. Twin maneuvering consoles are fitted in the wheelhouse stations, forward and aft with "joy-stick" controls. The Vessel being equipped with advanced dynamic positioning (DP AA) system assures safe and more efficient operations while working in close proximity to oil platforms/ rigs, even under the most harshest weather conditions. Being equipped with a fully automated bridge layout with alarm monitoring systems for single man bridge operation, the vessel is classed with “NAV1” notation.

This Vessel has a larger accommodation area for 50 persons as against the 24 persons in the previous Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels. These accommodation areas are well-appointed and are aesthetically designed and built. Special attention has been paid to noise and vibration levels and crew comfort onboard the vessel, thereby meeting compliance to ‘CAC3’ notation of the classification society.
Among another feature that was added to this Vessel was the application of the ‘Intersleek’, the very latest innovation in foul release coatings. Intersleeks exceptionally smooth, low friction surface prevents organisms attaching on to the Vessel’s hull, saving the Owner, time and money at sea. The specialized coating not only reduces the fuel costs but also has a positive impact on the environment and has durability up to 10 years.

The Vessel is also classed with “In Water Survey” denoting the vessel could be operated without being dry-docked for 5 years.  Due to this, surveying the underwater parts of the Vessel could be carried out while the Vessel is still afloat instead of having to dry dock the Vessel for examination of the under water areas, as is conventionally done. This is a huge saving for the Owner. In addition, the Vessel is also equipped with Tail Shaft monitoring system (SCM) which is a huge advantage for the Owner in his quest for monitoring of temperature and condition in the tail shafts. 
In addition to the dry bulk carrying capability, the vessel is also capable of carrying methanol, which is a low flash point liquid. In order to prevent any fire risks, a special deck foam fire fighting and prevention system has been installed for safety.
The Vessel has been designed, constructed and outfitted complying with the latest rules and regulations applicable to a Vessel of this type and size. The plan approval and survey during construction was performed by the Lloyds Register of Shipping. 

By - Darshana Chandrasekera - Head of Marketing, Ship Repairs : Colombo Dockyard PLC

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