Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sri Lanka unveils 'Pure Ceylon Cinnamon' brand

At Anuga Trade Fair, Cologne, Germany:

Sri Lanka has unveiled the "Pure Ceylon Cinnamon" brand to the world. Pure Ceylon Cinnamon is Sri Lanka's second national brand, the first being 'Pure Ceylon Tea'.

Industry and Commerce Minister Rishad Bathiudeen announcing the Pure Ceylon Cinnamon brand at the Congress Centrum Nord (hall) at the Anuga Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany.

"I request you to take the message of "Pure Ceylon Cinnamon" to promote our Cinnamon. I also warmly invite you all to taste the unique flavour and inhale the smell of pure Ceylon cinnamon with Ceylon tea," said Industry and Commerce Minister Rishad Bathiudeen announcing the "Pure Ceylon Cinnamon" brand to the world at the Anuga Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday.

Minister Bathiudeen was addressing the "Pure Ceylon Cinnamon" international launch event at the Congress Centrum Nord Hall in the Anuga Trade Fair in Cologne.

"The Export Development Board, which comes under my Ministry has developed a trade mark for cinnamon, to market it as a branded product. The Lion logo is the second National Brand launched by the Sri Lankan government for an agriculture product after Ceylon tea. This trade mark will be registered in the USA which is the major market for cinnamon and also in the European Union. The Export Development Board will take necessary initiatives to closely monitor the export process, to assure the maintenance of required quality standards by the exporters, to qualify to export cinnamon under the "Pure Ceylon Cinnamon" trade mark.

"I also wish to mention that cinnamon export companies in Sri Lanka have obtained HACCP certificate for their processing centres to conform their produce to international food safety regulations," Minister Bathiudeen said.

Sri Lanka is the largest producer of true cinnamon in the world accounting for about 70% of the global supply. The cinnamon growth trend looks set to continue in future driven by the realization of the dual value in Cinnamon, that, it is not only a spice but also has become a weight loss aid, which shows the increasing touch-points of Pure Ceylon Cinnamon brand as it gains more recognition thereby showing the urgent need for brand engagement at international level.

Minister Bathiudeen will also be promoting "Sri Lanka Expo 2012" outside the Anuga venue in Cologne (two events) and Frankfurt (one event). Sri Lanka Expo 2012 is the premier international trade fair organized by the EDB and will be held from March 28 to 30, 2012 at the BMICH in Colombo.

Anuga Trade Fair is the world's largest food, beverage and catering exhibition with over 6,596 exhibitors (from 100 countries) and around 150,000 trade visitors from 180 countries joining in 2011.

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