Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bourse closes week on upbeat note

Singer Group continues upward roll

The Colombo bourse closed the week yesterday on an upbeat note with tidy gains in both indices on what brokers called a ``decent’’ turnover of Rs.2.36 billion, down from the previous day’s Rs.2.8 billion, with 125 gainers comfortably outpacing 71 losers.

The All Share Price Index was up 35.64 points (0.53%) and Milanka up 46.96 points (0.78%) with Ascot Holdings dominating business volumes with nearly 1.4 million shares done between Rs.175 and Rs.207.70. The counter closed Rs.2.90 down at Rs.184 generating a turnover of Rs.248.9 million.

Singer group shares led by Singer Industries continued to fly with Regnis as well as the parent also moving up. Singer Industries gained Rs.66.90 to close at Rs.368 on over 0.2 million shares done between Rs.322 and Rs.439 while Regnis was up Rs.19.90 to close at Rs.498.70 on over 0.3 million shares traded between Rs.420 and Rs.449. Singer Sri Lanka, the parent, gained Rs.5.80 to close at Rs.133.60 on nearly 0.7 million shares traded between Rs.130.60 and Rs.138.50.

Brokers said that none of the stocks captured within the price band on Thursday reached the permitted ceiling. These included Ascot, Regnis and Asian Alliance Insurance which closed Rs.7.90 up at Rs.354 with nearly 0.2 million shares traded between Rs.335 and Rs.384.70.

One crossing of 800,000 LOLC at Rs.99 was posted. The counter gained Rs.1.10 to close at Rs.99 on 0.9 million shares traded between Rs.98 and Rs.100.

"Although there was one parcel of 100,000 and a couple more slightly smaller traded on the floor, there was a great deal of retail focus on Ascot," a broker said.

Lanka Hospitals too attracted interest gaining Rs.3.60 to close at Rs.62 on 2 million shares traded between Rs.60.50 and Rs.64.50 while Blue Diamonds also saw quantity with the non-voting share up 10 cents to close at Rs.4.90 on nearly 28.3 million shares traded while the voting share edged down 20 cents to close at Rs.9.80 on over 6.8 million shares traded.

Other shares that attracted retail interest included e-Channeling, closing 40 cents up at Rs.8.30 on 13.8 million shares done between Rs.8 and Rs.8.70.

JKH was up 90 cents to close at Rs.206 on nearly 0.2 million shares done between Rs.205 and Rs.208.

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