Friday, September 16, 2011

TKS Finance ready to make financial landscape more fertile

Raising a significant interest in the financial sector with its grand entry of the development oriented aspirations of Sri Lanka’s post-war financial environment is TKS Finance Limited with its planned strategy of innovations, apart from the traditional portfolios of the industry.

This confidence of the vibrant young company is primarily driven by the practical realization of their consolidated financial and knowledge-based strength, infused by several leading and respected figures of the industry, both local and foreign.

The company is registered under the Finance Companies Act of the Monetary Board of Central Bank of Sri Lanka and situated near Colombo Town Hall for easy access. Their member company TKS Securities Ltd. is already a high volume player in the stock brokering business situated at the Colombo World Trade Centre.

TKS Finance Ltd.’s timely thrust into Sri Lanka’s post war reconstruction efforts and economic resurgent activities are spearheaded by the Chief Executive Officer  Rasika Kaluarachchi. His expertise is nourished through his previous exposures in several leading financial institutions in Sri Lanka, which will be utilized to maximize the potential of TKS Finance Ltd. to the fullest.

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