Friday, August 19, 2011

Water based recreation from Citrus Aqua

Citrus Leisure PLC has, within a very short period of time has become a powerhouse in the leisure industry with still more ambitious plans to build and manage a chain of distinctive resorts - a chain benchmarked against the most coveted in the world and built to exploit the beautiful and picturesque waterfront landscapes of Sri Lanka. It is with that vision in mind that Citrus Leisure PLC designed and developed, and launched its subsidiary Citrus Aqua - which will single mindedly focus on providing professional water based recreational activities for tourists.

Citrus Aqua, which will specialize in creating custom tailored activities to suit individual needs, taking into account the diversity that is expected, the time dedicated to the activity, and the cost. The Company will target both local and foreign tourists who take special interest in such activities by giving them a professional service. Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of estuaries, lagoons, rivers, streams, natural lakes and man-made reservoirs, and 1,340 km of coastline and an unexploited ocean extending from the Equator to the South Pole. According to the experts behind the initiative, this makes our island paradise second to none when it comes to water based tourism.

The team at Citrus Aqua will be spearheaded by professional experts with a thorough knowledge of regional waters and international best practices: Lanka Fishing Flies Managing Director Suresh de Mel, who arguably produces the world's best quality fishing flies, has been dominating the global fly fishing industry for the past 30-years. Damith Wickramasinghe, a veteran angler, who has fished in and around Sri Lanka for 40-years, is one who considers water to be his second home. Howard Martenstyn, a passionate conservationist and new-generation aqua recreation and outdoor personality, specializes in dolphin and whale watching and engages in research.

The company, which was launched on Monday at the Bolgoda Lake, is now geared to offer, carefully crafted packages to suit tourists with varied interests, with the resources of well trained staff and using state of the art equipment which are on par with international safety standards.

According to Citrus Leisure PLC Chairman Prema Cooray, "As believers of innovation, Citrus Leisure is proud to launch Citrus Aqua today and I am confident that this will be one of the many 'firsts' that our company will achieve on the path to seeing our vision become reality.

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