Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PCH enables Sri Lanka with Panora computers

Targeting the corporate sector, PC House PLC, launched the revamped version of the Panora, Sri Lanka’s first locally assembled branded computer. Panora computers will be fitted with the latest Intel processor range and licensed Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems.

Panora was launched in 2002 with the vision of bringing ICT closer to the general user, in line with the government’s vision to develop the ICT sector and to increase IT literacy levels across the island.

The brand has been well accepted, especially in the retails sales and public sector for its value for money offerings. The advanced version of Panora will intensify the objectives of adding value for money as it is intended to serve the burgeoning economy.

Commenting on the re-launch of the Panora, PCH Chairman, S. H. M. Rishan said, "ICT has made an integrated approach towards the development of economies globally. Panora has been in the market for a considerable period and has transformed into a reliable, versatile and cost effective brand that transfers quality, durability and considerably lower total cost of ownership to its owners." The Panora PC created Sri Lanka’s first computer assembly plant and has been assembled in the island since 2007, under stringent ISO 9001 quality standards.

PCH Sales Head Inthishar Feroz, speaking on the brand position said, Panora has been available to the public and corporate sector since 2002, serving some of the largest private and public sector organisations including leading financial institutions in Sri Lanka. In the recent past a computer has become more of an essential commodity for the everyday person; Panora offers its customers a PC that provides efficiency, with higher business value that enables productivity and has excellent reliability. The latest edition of the Panora will bring cutting-edge technology, security, manageability and services to our customers?.

"Though Panora has been present in the regional markets for many years, we feel with the current economic climate in Sri Lanka it is the right time to revive this brand as a dominant player among the multi-nationals," he said.

All Panora computers consist of high quality components sourced from well-reputed brands such as Intel, who supply components to top manufacturers across the globe. A rigorous quality assurance process, which includes a software based burn-test, undergone by each single unit prior to them reaching the end user, which ensures their performance at optimum level. Over the past nine years Panora has sold over 30,000 PCs to discerning customers including many projects done by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Panora branded PCs are available through the corporate and public sector sales team at the PCH Head Office and will be made available through all 26 PCH branches islandwide and 11 retail showrooms in Colombo.

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