Friday, February 22, 2013

United Motors Lanka to investment Rs 100 mn in automobile assembly plant

Launches Mitsubishi Mirage in Sri Lanka:

M F Jabir

United Motors Lanka PLC(UML) would invest Rs 100 million in an automobile assembly plant in Ranala, said Chanaka Yatawara, UML’s Chief Executive Officer. It would deliver about 200 vehicles a month and they expect the facility to be ready for operations by June 2013. The facility would be on a two acre land.

He said the number of employment opportunities there would depend on the easily they could get approval to produce vehicles.

When inquired about moving in to locations in the Southern and Northern parts of the country he said it depended on the project and they were always open to opportunities. “But the opportunities to go to those places must make sense. If there are proper guidelines of running the business, if those thins are there we are certainly in, because we are able to raise the funds. So if there are special concessions going into those areas certainly yes.

He said however the process must be defined. Yatawara said from the last five to six months they channel vehicles through the Hambantota port.

He said there were no delays in getting vehicles out of the port and that was an advantage. And since it was possible to use the Expressway vehicles could be transported on car carriers. He said last year the company done very well profit wise.

He said they understood the challenges the country faced and the reasons for the macro economic policy changes. He however noted that sufficient time should be given to plan their business in the future.

United Motors Lanka PLC launched the Mitsubishi Mirage, a stylish five-door hatchback with superior fuel efficiency and Eco-friendliness recently.

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