Saturday, February 2, 2013

JKH hogs the limelight

ComBank shows quantity plus price gain

JKH held the spotlight on the Colombo bourse yesterday with five crossings at prices of Rs.230 and Rs.229 in deals worth Rs.347.9 million and floor trades of nearly 1.1 million shares worth a further Rs.243 million with buyers mopping up whatever was available at a price of Rs.230, brokers said.

The bourse posted a turnover of Rs.951.1 million, down from the previous day’s Rs.3.43 billion, with both indices down – the All Share by 17.20 points (0.30%) and S&P SL20 a marginal 0.80 points (0.02%) with 95 gainers ahead of 86 losers while 130 counters closed flat.

In addition to crossings in JKH, the counter closed 10 cents up at Rs.230 on the floor, trading between Rs.228 and Rs.230.90 generating the top turnover of Rs.243 million for the day. There was also a crossing of 200,000 CT Holdings at Rs.144 per share in a deal worth Rs.28.8 million brokers said.

Commercial Bank (voting) continued to be heavily traded on the floor closing 50 cents up at Rs.106 with nearly 1.7 million shares transacted between Rs.105.30 and Rs.106.50 contributing Rs.177.9 million to turnover. Brokers said that the stock was mostly traded in large parcels.

Banking and finance counters held their ground with Sampath closing flat at Rs.220.10 on 50,656 shares and Central Finance closing a rupee up at Rs.181 on 21,234 shares. Union Bank closed 50 cents up at Rs.15.20 on slightly over 0.7 million shares.

Browns Beach Hotels saw over 0.5 million shares done gaining Rs.1.10 to close at Rs.20 and Asiri Hospital Holdings edged up 10 cents to close at Rs.12.50 on nearly 0.8 million shares while ERI closed 10 cents down at Rs.17.70 on over 0.3 million shares.

Royal Ceramics announced an interim tax-free dividend of Rs.2 for 2012/13 XD from Feb. 13 and payment on Feb.22.
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