Monday, October 25, 2010

Lanka Hospitals to expand

Set to open branches:

Indunil Hewage

The existing competition among the private healthcare industry players is healthy for the country and the clients to have a qualitative and a superior medical service, Lanka Hospitals Chief Executive Officer Lakith Peiris said.

“However, customers do not have a positive attitude of the private healthcare industry in the country owing to high prices and lack of transparency,” he said.

Lanka hospitals is in the process of setting up an international patient centre to make Sri Lanka a medical destination in the world. It will be opened early next year. In addition the hospital will embark on increasing rooms, wards, surgical theatres, ICUs and others before January 1.

They have also identified areas to set up branches of Lanka Hospitals in the future. More job opportunities will be created in accordance with the inner capacity increasing process in the hospital.

Lanka Hospitals is looking at providing job opportunities for selected trained candidates at the hospital with the support of the Youth Affairs Ministry.

“The nursing school at Lanka Hospitals is in the process of training local and Maldivian nursing students. Currently, five batches of nurses from the Maldives have already undergone training at the Lanka Hospitals nursing school. It will also introduce a three-year diploma course in Nursing and the Bsc nursing degree shortly,” Peiris said.

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