Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sri Lanka Stock Picks Forum

Sri Lanka Stock picks one of the oldest blogs in the country which is involved in publishing updates, news articles, research reports etc. with regard to day to day happenings/activities of the Colombo Stock Exchange is proud to announce that the launching of their forum titled as "Sri lanka Stock picks - forum".

Sri lanka stock picks invites its members and others to make use of this opportunity to share their views, matters, in relation to the activities of the Colombo Stock Exchange in a professional manner.

It is purely the responsibility of the publisher of any post to provide us valid reasons/supporting documents (eg: publish reports, paper articles, links etc....) to justify your comments since this forum is open to the general public.

You can access the forum -

Wishing you all the best.

1 comment:

Madhawa Habarakada said...

Why the forum is on a free forum hosting plateform.
They are not much reliable, and no one knows when they just close it down. :(