Monday, May 6, 2013

Pan Asia Bank welcomes President of Japan’s Bansei Securities

Pan Asia Bank on Friday hosted a reception to welcome Toyohiko Murakami, President of Bansei Securities Ltd. of Japan, a leading Japanese investment firm with whom the bank has been promoting investment opportunities in Sri Lanka.

 Bansei is a trading member of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that has been introduced to Sri Lankan investment opportunities by NWS Holdings, a local company that is controlled by leading Japanese investors.

Due to the attractive interest rates prevalent in the post war Sri Lanka and also owing to the investment promotion road shows conducted by the Sri Lankan Government and several leading business personnel in the country, Japanese investors have been increasingly interested in pursuing investment opportunities in Sri Lanka.

 Pan Asia Bank, with its strong understanding of Japanese investor concerns, has been playing a pivotal role in securing and executing several large scale investment activities in Sri Lanka for Japanese investors.

Underscoring its commitment to invest in the post-war economic revival of Sri Lanka, Bansei, which has been actively investing in Sri Lankan Government securities, recently ventured out to invest in acquiring a stake in of one of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing banks, Pan Asia Bank.

Pan Asia Bank Plc Chairman Nimal Perera, welcoming the President and Managing Director of Bansei Securities Ltd., said that post war Sri Lanka holds some of the world’s best investment opportunities and that he was pleased to be a part of a relationship that would definitely prove to be mutually beneficial for Japanese investors as well as the Sri Lankan economy. He also expressed hope that the partnership with Bansei would lead to many more exciting and fruitful investment opportunities in Sri Lanka in the future.

Speaking at the reception Bansei Securities President Toyohiko Murakami commented on the historical ties between Japan and Sri Lanka and that stated that expansion of trade and investment opportunities would further strengthen the partnership between the two countries.

 He also emphasised that Sri Lanka possessed the potential to become a hub in this region and the Bansei’s investment in Pan Asia Bank symbolised the commitment of the Japanese investment firm’s endeavour to share economic prosperities of Sri Lanka and Asia Pacific region.

 Murakami thanked Perera, NWS Holdings Chairman Takashi Igarashi and all the people of Pan Asia Bank and New World Securities for making the mutually-beneficial investment opportunities possible.

Bansei Securities Managing Director Akio Shimamoto stated that he felt it was time for Japanese investors to diversify their financial assets abroad and that Sri Lanka currently provided many attractive investment opportunities.

 Commenting on the investment opportunities available for Japanese investors in Sri Lanka, Chairman of NWS Holdings Igarashi stated that Japanese investors as a whole now had growing confidence in Sri Lanka to make large high value investments and as such he was convinced that there would be more Japanese investments in Sri Lanka in the future.

 Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC (PABC) is a public limited liability company incorporated in Sri Lanka in March 1995 under the Companies Act No.17 of 1982 and re-registered under the Companies Act No.07 of 2007, a licensed commercial bank under the Banking Act No. 30 of 1988 and listed at the Colombo Stock Exchange.

During the past 17 years Pan Asia Bank has become one of the fastest growing local commercial banks in Sri Lanka. The bank offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative banking solutions to retail, SME and corporate customers across its network of 74 branches across the country.

 The company was incorporated with the purpose of creating a conglomerate of companies. The associate companies that come under the NWS Holdings umbrella are NWS Solutions, New World Securities and NWS Management Services, to name a few.

 The company is primarily involved in the structuring of mergers and acquisitions, investments in listed and private equity and routing investments to corporate and government debt. With a strong Japanese influence of its majority shareholding, the company prides itself on its disciplined approach to identifying, canvassing and negotiating with high net worth potential investors overseas and partnering them with the best possible business ventures in Sri Lanka. NWS Chairman Igarashi also serves as a Director on the Pan Asia Bank Board.

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