Friday, November 2, 2012

Piramal Glass Ceylon closes 1H with Rs. 2.6 b turnover; Rs. 414 m PAT

Piramal Glass Ceylon PLC (PGC) has announced its first half year results for the financial year 2012-13 with an 8% growth in turnover from Rs. 2,385 million in FY12 to Rs. 2,592 in FY13 and a marginal growth of 9% in PAT from Rs. 384 million to Rs. 414 million.

While gross profits grew marginally in volume by 3% during the first six months of the current financial year, the GP ratios saw a decline to 30% as against 31% in the previous year 1st half. This drop was mainly due to high energy prices.

 In comparison to last year’s similar period, the energy cost during the period grew by 51% with furnace oil taking the lead with a price increase of almost 80%. The LPG rate was also affected adversely in the 2nd quarter due to increasing trend in Saudi Armco. The bank interest rates too saw a continuous increase month-on-month during the period under review.

 The domestic sales value grew by 12% from Rs. 1,755 million to Rs. 1,963 million. There was a dip in the overall growth of the domestic market especially in the liquor and food sector.

 The export market remained at par with last year at Rs. 630 million. There were increased realisations in the export market due to the new product mix, which is definitely a healthy sign for the organisation.

 The realisations grew by almost 18% against the previous year. The company also broadened its geographical spread by selling 28% of its exports in the Australia/New Zealand market which was only 8% in the previous year. New product development was at its peak during the period. PGC developed a new range liquor bottles in different colours for the Australian and Indian markets.

  “We are confident that with our investments in environmentally friendly practices and continuous innovation, we will achieve our vision of being the preferred partner for packaging solutions. The domestic market though at a dip has clear potential, and our growing geographical reach has been noteworthy,” said Sanjay Tiwari CEO/Managing Director of Piramal Glass Ceylon.

 The company continued its upward momentum in productivity, by surpassing the production volume during this half year as against that of the corresponding period of the last financial year. The efficiencies too have by passed the previous year efficiencies which resulted in the increase in output.

 Thus, amidst the substantial cost escalations, this helped the company to better its profitability as against the similar period of last year.

 These production milestones were possible due to the effort the management has put into the manufacturing excellence program it has established in the plant. The glass manufacturing facility at Horana has already reached level 2 with a target of reaching level 3 by the end of the financial year.

  The company has spent almost Rs. 20 million for commissioning of the new effluent treatment plant  to ensure the preservation of water by recycling, and that the water let out to the environment does not in any way harm the environment and the surrounding community.

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