Thursday, October 4, 2012

Foreign inflow tops Rs. 32 billion mark

Foreign investors continue to be bullish on select Lankan blue chips with further buying seeing the year-to-date inflow topping the Rs. 32 billion mark.

Non-nationals were responsible for Rs. 1.23 billion worth of buying and sales were Rs. 553 million , resulting in a net inflow of Rs. 683 million. The year-to-date inflow now stands at Rs. 32.5 billion, an all-time and significant figure given the record outflows of Rs. 26 billion in 2010 and Rs. 19 billion in 2011.

 Foreigners were mostly active on premier blue chips JKH, Aitken Spence, Sampath Bank, Lion, RCL, Guardian, and Commercial Bank.

 Apart from foreign play, profit taking by locals saw the CSE dip to a two-week low after having gained in early morning trading. Turnover was a high Rs. 3 billion. ASI’s year-to-date negative return has moved back to the 3% level from around 1.6% on Friday.

 Locals focused on stocks such as LOLC, Vallibel One, Royal Ceramics, LB Finance, Sathosa Motors, and Dipped Products.

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