Friday, August 19, 2011

Rishan divests 5% of PCH

Advertiser turned investor Dilith Jayaweeera and seasoned investor Nimal Perera are believed to have collectively bought 10 million shares or 5 percent of PC House PLC from its Chairman S.H.M Rishan.

“Nimal Perera and Dilith Jayaweera invested in10 million PCH shares, each at 20” PCH Chairman Rishan told Mirror Business.

However when inquired, Nimal Perera told Mirror Business that he alone bought 10 million shares of PCH.

As per June 30, 2011 financial statements of PCH, Rishan has 154,505,00 shares while S.S Rishan, Director has 17,170,00 shares.

During the day, 20.2 million PCH shares traded and apart from the 10 million sell down by Rishan, 9, 482, 400 PCH shares traded in a single trade at Rs.20 per share.

PCH share yesterday opened at Rs.18.60 and closed at Rs.20.20. The highest price the stock traded during the day was Rs.21.30.

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