Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sri Lanka tourism another update - World's Newest Natural Wonders

Each year, the United Nations unveils a list of the world's most stunning natural attractions, called World Heritage sites, and chances are, you've never heard of them.

They have mentioned 21 places in the world & out of that 21 two places given to Sri Lanka.
  • Central Highlands, Sri Lanka (say it: central highlands—this one is easy!). The Sri Lankan leopard, slender  loris, and other endangered animals roam the Sri Lankan highlands. Their forest habitat lies over 8,000 feet above sea level on this teardrop-shaped island off the southern tip of India in the Indian Ocean. (Kevin Clogstoun/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images)

  •  A lone rhododendron tree rises above the grasslands at Horton Plains National Park in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. (Kevin Clogstoun/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images)

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