Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Orient Capital Group reports strong profitability

Orient Capital Group recorded a profit after tax of Rs. 243 million as of 31st March 2012. The group has a strong profitability with a growth of 242 percent in profits after tax.

  Commenting on the Company’s financial performance the spokesperson for Orient Capital stated; “Orient Capital has now reached an interesting and challenging point in its transition, to emerge as a diversified financial services conglomerate, offering a broader range of financial services and products”.

He further added that, “having identified areas that would lead the company to better and higher quality services, the Company is actively following a policy of adding to its portfolio of services and products.

 It is guided by the philosophy that consumers deserve services of an unparalleled nature in terms of quality and returns”.

Orient Capital is in the progressive growth over the last one year and the company is focusing on acquiring financial sector entities and looking into take a strong hold on stock brokering and micro financing in the near future.

  The member companies under the Orient Capital Group includes Orient Wealth Limited which is licensed by Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka, Orient Finance PLC is a Finance company registered under the  Business Finance Act and First Alliance Money Brokers (Pvt)  Limited (FAMB).

 This is the first year since Orient Finance has been acquired and operated under the management of Orient Capital Group.

  Orient Capital Limited is a 100% equity financed company, which offers well diversified financial services to individual and corporate clients through it’s group of companies. The group comprise of highly experienced board of directors and senior management.

 The Board of Directors of the company comprises of Dr. Dayanath Jayasuriya P.C. as Chairman, Mr. Rohan Senanayake as Managing Director, Mr. Prakash A. Schaffter and Ramesh Schaffter as Non Executive Directors and Ms. Indrani Goonesekera and Mr. James Mathews as Independent Non Executive Directors.

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