Thursday, February 9, 2012

Captains, others collect COMBank shares

High networth investor family Captains on Monday picked up 5 million shares of Commercial Bank for Rs. 500 million whilst several other local institutional investors joined in the bandwagon. On Monday 8.5 million shares of Commercial Bank traded for Rs. 859 million with bulk of the selling by SBI Ven Holdings.

Apart from Captains, Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust and Ceylon Investment Plc picked up 1 million each Commercial Bank shares whilst Akbar Brothers collected 750,000 shares and Ravi Thmabiyah picked up 250,000 shares. There were also a few foreign and other local buyers.

Monday’s block was the largest to be bought in recent weeks by Captains who otherwise heavily trade on the stock. Continuing their craving for banking sector stocks, Captains also picked up available HNB shares from a foreign fund.

Yesterday Commercial Bank stock was relatively quiet with only 316,600 shares traded before closing at Rs. 101.40, down by 60 cents.

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