Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bourse up slightly, defends previous day’s gains

The Colombo bourse yesterday held Tuesday’s gains with both indices moving up on a turnover of nearly Rs.2 billion, same as the previous day, with the All Share Price Index up 11.99 points (0.18%) and the Milanka up 15.46 points (0.26%) with 121 gainers comfortably ahead of 77 losers.

"The market closed slightly up," Prashan Fernando of Acuity Stockbrokers said. "At one point it was negative but it was positive most of the day and closed on a positive note."

Browns generated the highest business volume with nearly 2.6 million shares traded between Rs.280 and Rs.294 losing Rs.5.70 to close at Rs.285 generating a turnover of Rs.744.8 million.

"Most of the trades were accounted for in crossings with seven parcels crossed at a price of Rs.290,’’ Fernando said.

Amana Takaful followed on the turnover league with over 150.6 million shares done between Rs.2.10 and Rs.2.20 closing flat at Rs.2.20. The counter contributed Rs.301.2 million to the business volume with one parcel of 150 million shares crossed at a Rs.2 price accounting for the bulk of the trades.

Retail activity was evident in Swarnamahal, Softlogic, Vallibel One and Browns Investments with all these counters other than Vallibel One posting price gains.

Swarnamahal was up Rs.12.70 to close at Rs.126 trading between a low of Rs.100.50 and Rs.127.50 while Softlogic gained a marginal 10 cents to close at Rs.24 on nearly 1.8 million shares done between Rs.23.60 and Rs.24.20.

Vallibel One was down 20 cents to close at Rs.28.50 on over 1.2 million shares done between Rs.28.30 and Rs.29 while Browns Investments gained 10 cents to close at Rs.5 with nearly 6.5 million shares done between Rs.4.80 and Rs.5.10.

JKH gained 80 cents to close at Rs.186.50 on over 0.1 million shares done between Rs.183 and Rs.188.70 while Dialog closed flat at Rs.8 on nearly 2.3 million shares done between Rs.7.90 and Rs.8.30.

Blue chip gainers included Sampath up Rs.2 to close at Rs.230 on 93,000 shares, Asian Hotel Properties up 20 cents to close at Rs.90.60 on nearly 0.2 million shares and Guardian Capital Partners (Watapota) up Rs.19.20 to close at Rs.173 on over 0.1 million shares.

First Capital Holdings where a dividend of Rs.2 per share was announced saw nearly 1.2 million shares traded between Rs.20.50 and Rs.22.40 gaining Rs.3.50 to close at Rs.22.10.

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