Friday, June 14, 2013

We are almost there for a recovery - History is repeating

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* Mkt came to its lowest level in June 2012 after its bull run started in year 2009.

* The lowest ASI reported was 4737.75 on June 6 2012.

* The ASI moved up to 5078.06 after that until 20 June 2012. - first stage of recovery we witnessed.

* After that ASI took a dip and came to 4822.64 on 18 of July 2012.

* Once again a recovery was witnessed until 28 Sep and the ASI hit 6000 all important mark and ended up at 5971.99 - second stage of recovery.

* Again a mkt dip took place which is a natural behaviour in every mkt in the world. ASI dip up to 5323.21 and the lowest reported date was 05 December 2012.

* After that we witnessed another recovery up to 5883.66 until end of jan 2013. - third stage of recovery.
* Mkt was hit by another dip and this time ASI ended up in 5626.77 on 5 march 2013.

* The all important mkt recovery took place after that and that bull run helps to touch ASI all important mark of 6500 for the first time almost after two years. ASI hit 6488.85 on 23 may 2013. - fourth stage of recovery

*Now we are witnessing another dip in the mkt which is necessary for the all important fifth stage of recovery where we can expect ASI to hit 6750 levels or more.

Important points to remember

* look at the RSI movement of the mkt at every mkt bottom and at the highest point in every recovery. - We are almost there.

* look at the movement of ASI between Bollinger bands in every bottom and every recovery - We are almost there.

* look at MACD movement at every mkt bottom and every recovery. - We are almost there.

* After hitting low of ASI 4737.75 in June 2012 mkt is heading towards upward direction with required corrections from time to time.

( This is only the personal view of the writer )

source - yahoo finance

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